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Spoke Commission

The main scope of the SPOKE Commission of the Department of Chemistry ( is to promote the participation of the Department’s researchers in European research funded projects.

 The main tasks are:

  1. To inform the research groups about interesting EU funding opportunities for research (newsletters, seminars, training sessions etc.)
  2. To support the Research Commission in order to connect the Department with the Central Administration offices of the University (namely, with the Common Strategic Task Force - CSTF)
  3. To provide support to individual researchers to draft competitive European research proposals. In particular : 1) scouting of the best funding programmes for research and innovation (calls for proposals and tenders), 2) verification of the eligibility criteria of the selected calls, 3) support in applying, 4 ) finding of appropriate national and international partners.

The SPOKE Commission is in charge of updating the contents of the following sections :

Horizon 2020

Mobility Programs

Post-Doc, Research Fellowships and Awards

Partner search


The members of the SPOKE Commission are:

SPOKE Commission External support
Cristina Prandi (coord) te. 0116707643 Emilia Sannino Gloria Berlier Alessandra Bianco-Prevot
Laura Anfossi Paola Croveri Maela Manzoli Francesco Turci
tel 011.670.5219 tel. 011.670.7557 tel. 011.670.7541 tel. 011.670.7577 tel. 011.670.7592 tel. o11.670.7856 tel. 011.670.5292



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